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Our company, which performs chemical analysis control by spectrometer in different diameters and alloys in our casting facility before and after casting, attaches great importance to R & D studies in order to respond to customer needs faster and offer permanent solutions.

Industry news

Aluminum Industry at Work in Defense Industry

FATİH Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University Aluminum Testing Training and Research Center (ALUTEAM) took part in SAHA EXPO 2018 which was the first of this year where the latest technologies, systems and products developed in the domestic defense industry were held. …
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2023 Export Target of Aluminum Sector is 8 Billion Dollars

Aluminum industry, which offers products to many sectors from automotive to white goods, air, land and sea vehicles to construction sector, aims to export 8 billion dollars in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Turkey, in 2023, the 100th …
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Primary Aluminum Production on the eve of the “Revolution”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin on social media on the morning of May 11, 2018 A share of Tredeau came to the fore : Alcoa , Rio Tinto , Apple and the Quebec local government signed a collaboration that would create new jobs for thousands of Canadians , reduce Canada's carbon footprint and strengthen the North …
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