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The extrusion manufacturer would like to work with a well homogenized billet. In this case, the ticket manufacturer should homogenize the ticket in the most appropriate way. For this purpose, it should have the most suitable homogenization equipment. The homogenization furnace must have a good furnace temperature control system, a good temperature distribution system to ensure that all tickets are at equal temperatures, and also cooling systems to cool all tickets simultaneously and equally.

END Aluminum performs homogenized billet casting in its own facility. In the internal structure of the billet; The billet should have thin crust thickness, small uniform grains, small dentrite arms and dentrit arm cavities, microstructure cracks, inclusion should not be pre-solidified and the ticket must be well homogenized.

  • There is a continuous type aluminum billet homogenization plant with a capacity of 90.000 tons / year and homogenization processes of soft alloy billets are carried out.
  • There is a batch type aluminum billet homogenization furnace with a capacity of 30.000 tons / year and homogenization of hard alloy billets is carried out.